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Smoke Testing

Entering a building and smelling a horrible odor can be one of the worst experiences you face. Even more frustrating is locating the source of this odor. Smoke testing is one of the most cost-effective ways to locate and identify plumbing leaks in buildings. If you start to suspect this odor coming from your vent line or piping, it might be time to call in the professionals at Versa Drain to locate and stop your leak as soon as possible.

How does smoke testing work?

Using a machine called a blower, forcing a colored, odorless Smoke into the mainline. This method makes locating pipe leaks easier and faster. The blower pushes the smoke into the sewage system in the nearest manhole, next we survey the area watching for an area where the smoke begins to rise out of the leaking pipe. Smoke doesn’t always originate at the spot the smoke plume emerges. Often, smoke will show up through a crack in the sanitary sewer line, traveling along the pipe until it finds a way to rise to the surface. It is important to note that smoke testing will not leave an odor and the coloring doesn’t leave any residue, so there isn’t any cleaning process needed after the blower process is complete.


The process of smoke testing does not require any preparations from property owners. A notice to surrounding businesses or homes is suggested as various parties share the same sewage line and the issue causing the odor may be located, or repairs may need to be made on someone else’s property. If you believe you have a problem that would benefit from smoke testing or any other questions regarding smoke testing or any other plumbing issue call our professional’s toll-free today 888-267-9711.