Lift Stations

Emergency Service

 What are lift stations

Wastewater lift stations are designed to move sewage from lower to higher elevations. A lift station is an important component of many commercial septic systems. Lift stations contain pumps, valves and electrical equipment necessary to move liquids.

Understanding a sewage lift station is essential to knowing when to make the necessary repairs. Any business where there is a waste source such as garbage disposal or toilets, a lift station will be located below the buildings sewage drain or septic tank.

Signs your lift station may need professionals attention:

1. High-Level Alarm- One of the most obvious signs, the high-level alarm is triggered when the receiving well becomes full.

2. Strong Odor- Keep in mind these smells could also signal problems with drains being blocked but still warrant a call to the professional to determine the underlying problems.

3. Sewer and Water Backups- typically this is due to a blockage that can eventually lead to pump failure.

Lift stations also experience problems over their lives, Floats and alarms inside require testing and maintenance to make sure they are in good working order. Pipes, as well as lift station, pumps become worn out over time. Corrosion is the prime problem causer with lift stations as sewage is  extremely corrosive and damaging to septic components over time.

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