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How to tell it’s time for a new toilet

You put a lot of effort into maintaining your business ensuring everything is in working order. One of the most important is your plumbing system. When your toilet doesn’t work properly or appears damaged it can not only disrupt your business but can be frustrating. If you have a toilet giving you problems, always clogging, running or not flushing correctly or if you need any toilet replacement Versa Drains plumbing experts are equipped to resolve any problem! Sometimes it can be difficult to know when its time to give in and replace the toilet completely.

Below are signs that it’s time to ditch the old toilet:

Constant repairs

Toilets should not need constant repairs, If you find yourself regularly calling a plumber to fix the same toilet, it might be time. repairs add up and over time replacing your toilet will save you money in the long run.

Constant Clogging

No one like to deal with a clogged toilet, while they are not uncommon, recurring clogs can indicate a more serious issue. Constant clogs can also be caused by an older, low flush toilet.

Loose Toilet

If the toilet shifts around it may be a simple fix such as tightening loose screws. Wobbling toilet can also be a signal of a much deeper problem. The floor underneath the toilet may be rotting away from water damage, so if you notice a wobbling toilet call in the professionals to come to take a look and ensure your toilet is safely secure to the floor beneath it.


Scratches on the surface of your toilet from years of cleaning and use. You may want to replace your toilet for cosmetic reasons.