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South Florida Sewer Repair & Installation

No one can avoid sewer line problems, and without proper knowledge, experience and equipment, sewer issues can become very stressful for property owners. You might have a blocked sewer line if you notice drain problems, such as gurgling noises, slow draining sinks, debris backing up in your pipes, or constant backups. At Versa Drain, we have state-of-the-art equipment allowing us to quickly diagnose the issue and recommend the next steps that will give you lasting results! 

Sewer Line Services

Hydro - Jetting

If your drains are slow moving or constantly backing up Hydro - Jetting is the best solution. This is method will completely clean away all debries or build up blocking your line restoring it to like new condition. This is a great solution if your facility has a high volume of FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease).

Video Inspection

There is no better way to diagnose a drain issue then sewer line video inspections. These inspections transmit a real time video allowing us to see the condition of drain line.

Sewer Pipe Locating

The two main reasons you will need your sewer line located is for construction or if a line break is determined. This prosses can be done with either a beacon or the sewer camera slowly being pushed through the pipe transmitting a signal above ground for the line locater to pick up. This locater can determine both location and depth.

Sewer Line Repair & Installation

Whether its new construction sewer line instillation to repairs needed from sewer line breaks. Versa Drain has all the tools and experience to quickly make any repairs needed.

Sewer Line Repair Services

Sewer Line Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is often a "no dig" solution. This possess involves a pipe liner being pulled through the line and then inflated to mold around the existing pipe.This is the most ideal fix for any sewer line repair however to be effective the existing pipe must have most of its structural integrity.

Sewer Line Re-Pipe

Sewer line re-pipe involves digging out around the section of the broken pipe, removing sections of the damaged pipe, and replacing them with new pipe. Proper elevation, fittings, and other considerations must be taken to insure proper drainage. After the re-pipe the hole will be back filled and any finishes (tile, asphalt, concrete) will have to be replaced.

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After contacting multiple “24/7” plumbing companies, Jeremy answered and sent a tech ASAP. John was the tech and went above and beyond expectations to fix our broken drain. I will be doing permanent business with them for all our plumbing needs.
  – Matt S.


I had a severe blockage in the floor sink drains of my restaurant. Minutes after I hung up with dispatch, the technician called to tell me exactly when he would arrive according to his GPS. Believe it or not, the technician was right on time to the minute. He started working immediately and didn’t stop until he had unclogged my drains.
  – Steven B.


There was a hole in the interior tank itself, causing it to leak throughout the external casing, thus causing the flooding. Thank you both for the swift action of getting Versa Drain, Inc. out. Tech was back at 8:00 am this morning to ensure all was well. Please, forward positive feedback to Versa Drain on the tech and his “spirit” for such a long evening. He was truly “legendary” someone needs to know what a great job he did!
  – Kevin B.